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Gun Control

Once again, there has been a Fort Hood shooting. Let’s take a step away from the sheer idiocy in not permitting soldiers to carry their weapons in the base and focus on gun control in general. I think what needs to be asked first is who do you trust? Do you trust your government, or do you trust your neighbor? Or perhaps, of the two whom do you trust more? We live in a Constitutional Republic where we the people, through contract or constitution, consent to be governed. The argument over guns isn’t about guns at all. It’s about control. Who should have it?

V__7BA7[1]We all ought to understand that we have innumerable rights. That includes rights not codified in the Bill of Rights. I’m sure we can agree that people have a right to life, a right to make a sandwich, a right to watch television, a right to say curse words, a right to choose your profession, etc. As a matter of fact, you have a right to do any physically and fiscally harmless thing. Obviously, not all of these things can be codified in the Constitution. It ought to be evident that my prior statement stands to reason. So, why did the framers decide to include a Bill of Rights at all? If certain very important rights were not codified and protected, then the ambitions man would cause them to trample upon their fellow man.

Weapons are power. Who should have it? We always talk about the 3 branches of government, but it seems that there are 4. The executive, legislative, judiciary branches, and the people. The executive branch is the force, the legislative branch is the author of law, and the judiciary is the judge of the law. But what of the people? We are the source of the government’s power. We hold the ability to judge one another, to enforce our decisions, and to ponder and construct law. However, we delegate this authority to the government, but only that authority. Why would we want the government to trespass into our authority? I have the right to determine who I want to marry, where I want to work, what I want to eat, where I want to live, what I want to watch, how I want to raise my children, what products I want to purchase, etc. All these things and more are within my authority not the government’s. Weapons are absolutely essential to liberty. Just as it is within my rights to determine these other matters, it is within my rights to determine whether or not I will possess arms, and the weapons ensure I’m not forced to wear the “supreme leader’s” hair-cut as in North Korea. If the people do not have a force of their own, then whoever holds the executive power controls the country.

I believe the philosophical and government aspects of this question have been well addressed, so perhaps I should address the social issues such as crime, the “militia”, limitations on certain types of weapons, etc, but I will save that for a later time. Please comment bellow.