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SCOTUS Ruling Celebration and What’s to Come

Finally, after what amounts to 64 years of legal battles the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled bans on gay marriage unconstitutional while upholding the rights of people to dissent. This evening, I will be celebrating this wonderful advance toward a more perfect union with whiskey, cigars, and good company. I hope others can have chance to celebrate, but not everyone will be (as I’m sure you know, dear Reader).

I decided to frolic about the internet to see what others are thinking. I came across lines like “everything has changed,” “the floodgates will be opened,” “it’s only going to get worse,” “we’ll be forced to perform gay weddings.” These are the wails of the defeated. The sighs of the oppressed. The cries against the impending doom. (If only you could see my eyes rolling.)

These worried folk have nothing to fear. Homosexuals have attained their goal — equality. They aren’t striving for anything more, and if they did attempt to infringe upon the rights of others I would be among the first to criticize them.

I hope that this successful push for equality leads to the removal of government from marriage altogether, but that’s a point I won’t address at this time.

You’ve nothing to worry about in terms of the degradation of heterosexual marriage, the forced compliance of religious groups in gay wedding ceremonies, or any other widely propagated anti-gay meme. I can tell you exactly what’s going to come of this.

All these complaints from the faithful and religious institutions are going to vanish of their own accord. Right now, a majority of Americans support gay marriage including a growing number of religious people. In a few years, it will be necessary for religious institutions to reverse their opinion on homosexuality (among other issues) to remain relevant.

They will claim, “A few Christians were misguided in the past. It has always been the belief of Christians that God loves all, and we should be treated equally for love is not a sin.” Like something right out of The Ministry of Truth in Orwell’s “1984” the evidence to the contrary will be denied, and their stance will be reversed while pretending nothing has changed.

But for now, let’s cast aside our worries and knowledge of the battles to come in favor of celebration. Congratulations to my gay fellow Americans and those who have stood beside them. This is a momentous achievement. A historic victory in the fight for liberty for all.