CW II: The New American Civil War

My local party elected me as a delegate to the Texas Republican State Convention, and after watching what went on at the convention I became outraged.

I have observed this nonsense before, but now I am thoroughly irritated. There is a war being fought in the Republican party, but it’s more than that. It is a war being fought in both parties for the future of our nation.

Texas is the battle ground for the future of the United States. Texas is the business, growth, technology, and freedom center of the United States. There is a reason Battleground Texas is standing on my doorstep.

Texas is a bastion for freedom, but forces internal and extraneous conspire to change that. We are under threat from a plague infesting BOTH parties.

The infestation I’m talking about is fascism. This disease of fascism plagues our political system, and there are two strains of fascism. One strain says God is the government, and the other strain says the government is God

I get outraged when I see people defining themselves as republican, pro-freedom, pro-American, or conservative when they are NOT.

The Republican party has a history of advocating equality and freedom, but now we are suffering the plague of progressive fascist crackpots and “republican” theo-fascist crackpots.

The Texas Republican State Convention was where we would decide our platform, and where we would set the stage for the legislation we would advocate. How are we going to turn Texas into the political “burial ground” of the left, as Rick Perry put it, if we suffer a fascist infestation ourselves?

The RPT platform reads, “We believe in: Self-sufficient families, founded on the traditional marriage of one natural man and one natural woman,” and the platform calls for legislation to prevent gay marriage. What is this crap?!

If you consider yourself a Conservative Republican, you cannot hold this view. I conversed about this issue at C-pac.

“Gent: Sir, would you like a flier? Me: Sure, may as well. I see you are discussing gay marriage. What is your stance? Gent: Well, I am against it, sir! Our nation was founded on Christian principles, and we have to uphold them. We see that this is the decline of our society. Me: Interesting. I was just discussing this issue with my friend. Tell me, do you consider yourself a conservative? Gent: Yes, of course. Me: So, as a conservative, you hold the belief that the government possesses in no way the authority to command the way you live your life? Gent: *long pause* Yes, I suppose. Me: Well then, I should ask, what is the origin of government, or rather what are the origins of governmental power? Gent: I assume you mean the “social contract”? Me: Yes, sir. Exactly. We the people have formed a contract or constitution, and we elected representatives to sign this contract that defines how we agree to be governed. Ergo the origin of governmental power is the people. Gent: True. Me: So, by extension of what was previously admitted, if the government does not hold the authority to command your life, and government authority comes from the people, no individual or group possess that authority either. Gent: *long pause and some pointless chin wagging* Yes, I suppose that is true. Me: So, under what authority can you, the government, or anyone else tell homosexuals they cannot wed? That power is not vested in the government, and governmental power comes from you and me. So I should also ask, where does your authority to control them come from? Gent: You’re a libertarian aren’t you? Me: Yes, sir.”

Can someone explain to me why the party that is supposedly pro-freedom is writing in its platform that people don’t have freedom to choose their lifestyle? Besides the logical inconsistency, denying homosexuals (or anyone else for that matter) equal protection and rights is illegal per the 5th and 14th Amendments.

Just as hypocritically, there was a knockdown drag out over medical cannabis in the platform.

A few people spoke in favor, and a few people spoke against medical cannabis. Right as the pro-freedom individuals started gaining traction, the chairman called for a vote to cease debate after only five people spoke. The vote was to close to call, and after several more votes he claimed we would have to do a roll call vote from about 5,000 people. That vote lost, and the majority successful silenced the minority.

The Republican Party vehemently objects to The Affordable Care Act because it tells we the people what health care we can and cannot have, and it is government coercion through penalties in the form of fines and taxes. How can we object to this and not favor the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE what medical care you will receive?

I am sick and tired of this nonsense. These Republicans are not pro-freedom. They are theo-fascist crackpots. These are people who do not realize that their interpretation of divine law has no place in the state.

The second strain gives the government godlike powers. In their minds morality comes not from God or self-evidence in nature, but it comes from the government. They see the government as the provider, the aid to the poor, the enforcer of some twisted view of equality, et cetera.

The rest of us normal and sane people have to combat fascism whether we are on the left or right. These people want to order our lives, and we cannot let them.

We can say that things are looking up. A frequent attendee told me that the previous year there wouldn’t even have been a debate. The Tea Party and Libertarian Party never failed or dissolved. We just went under the radar, and we are quitely taking over.

We must win the war on fascism, and it seems to me the best inoculation we have against the disease of fascism is ridicule. These idiotic, totalitarian, fascistic, crackpots need ridiculing for what they are.


One response to “CW II: The New American Civil War”

  1. Mike Transue says :

    EXCELLENT! You are getting better by the minute!

    One last observation from DEEP experience — Gays have been getting married for centuries. No one is stopping them. People who claim they ARE being stopped are (to quote Schopenhauer’s excellent turn of phrase), just “flat-headed, insipid, nauseating charlatans …” , OR they are useful idiots for people who know that’s true and simply lust after political power.

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